Programs and Events

Mass of Remebrance

The Mass of Remembrance is a special mass offered for the unborn and those whom we love which have passed.

This year the Mass of Remembrance will be held in Leithfeild at teh Beatitudes Community to celebrate the opening of the children’s garden and cemetery that they have there. 

12th December - Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe

Marriage Unplugged Retreat

We will attend courses to improve our work skills or to improve our golf game.  We will get our cars serviced to prevent car trouble

But how often do we work to improve our marriages or to prevent marital-breakdown?

Marriage Unplugged is a workshop designed to enrich and refresh your marriage. This is for all couples – regardless of the stage of your marriage.

We cover the seasons of marriage,communication and conflict, ideas to rejuvenate your marriage, priorities, love languages, and the spiritual dimension of marriage.

You will be surprised how easy it is to restore the X-factor into your marriage.

The format is brief talks followed by you as a couple privately sharing between yourselves.  Do not fear – there is no group sharing!

More events coming soon!

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