Infertility Support

The John Paul II Centre accompanies those who are on the path of Infertility.

Infertility is a burden most couples don’t expect to carry. It can affect your marriage, your relationship with family and friends, and your relationship with God. Infertility often feels like a long and lonely path. But you are not alone! If you need to talk or have a prayer request, let us know. It is our honour to walk with you.

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Arise - Small Group for Women

Infertility is a heavy burden that not everyone understands, but You don’t have to carry it alone!

Infertility can be an isolating experience, impacting our marriage and other relationships, and testing our faith. This small group is a place to acknowledge the pain and complex emotions associated with infertility and loss by encountering others who are on the same path. We invite you to join us as we overcome isolation through prayer, sharing, community, and reclaiming our identities as beloved daughters of God.


Women at all different places on their infertility path. If you are a newlywed, trying to conceive or receiving treatment, taking a break from charting, nearing or in menopause, or anything in between – you are welcome.

The John Paul II Centre is a Catholic organisation this small group was specifically designed to help guide women through this difficult time while remaining in-line with Catholic Church teaching. We also emphasise the importance of prayer and the Sacraments.

However, this small group is open to all Catholic and non-Catholic Christian women. Our shared faith in Christ and God’s plan for our marriages bring us together in friendship and prayer.

This is your time to let down your guard, to share your burdens with others who understand, without fear of judgment. Our small group series addresses various aspects of the infertility experience, and the suggested readings and discussion questions offer opportunities for sharing your own experience, and receiving the stories of others. This listening and sharing broadens our perspective, allowing us to grow in compassion, sensitivity, and charity. Small group facilitators are there to welcome you, create an environment conducive to sharing, and help to guide the discussion. Each meeting begins and ends with prayer; facilitators and participants are encouraged to pray silently for each other during sharing time. Everything shared in the small group is strictly confidential, and we ask that our facilitators and participants pledge to hold the small group space sacred and respect everyone’s privacy.


As a small group participant, you are invited to share as much or as little as you choose during any given meeting. Everyone is asked to listen to others with sensitivity and respect and refrain from offering solutions or giving advice. The purpose of the small group is mutual sharing, spiritual support, and growth in our relationship with God. It is a place of respite from either explaining our emotions to others or avoiding them and to be with others on the path who listen without judgment.

Yes, infertility is hard. Really hard. And stepping out in faith to talk about it with others – even with those who are going through it too – can also be hard. Be not afraid! You will be among friends and in a safe place to share your heart as little or as much as you feel comfortable. While a peer-based small group doesn’t replace counseling or therapy (and we do recommend seeing a good counselor if needed), it is an opportunity to find a sense of belonging during a season where we may feel isolated and not understood by others.


If you want to come and try it out, there is no commitment when you come to the meetings, so you are welcome to come along to one and try it out. 


Or if you don’t feel ready to come in person yet, feel free to get in contact with one of the group leaders and have a chat over the phone first. They will be able to explain about the small groups and help answer any questions that you may have. 

Feel free to contact Lara on 021 081 48834


We meet once a month on the second Monday of the month at 7:30pm. 

We meet in the St Teresa’s Church Hall – 8 Puriri St, Riccarton. (There will be a sign on the door before each meeting to help you find the entrance.)


No. You are welcome to just show up to the meetings. No need to register or let us know beforehand. 

Springs in the Desert materials are used in our small groups and FAQ.

Online Support and Resources

Springs in the Desert is an online community that offers solidarity, encouragement and support wherever you are on the path of infertility.

Springs In the Desert Resources


Reflections for walking the path of infertility with people who understand. While all of our experiences are different, our faith in Christ is what unites us.


Join our team and guests for conversations as we dig into various aspects of infertility. Our podcast is that friend you can take with you, no matter what you are!


Find out more information and more resources on the Springs of the Desert Website.



If you are struggling with the cross of infertility, please get in contact with us.