Support for Men

The John Paul II Centre is here to help support you on your journey to freedom from sexual addictions.

Sexual addictions can come in several different forms including pornography and masturbation. There are many men out there who have been in the same place you are in now and have found healing and freedom from their addictions. You are not alone in this fight. We are here to walk with you and support you on your journey to freedom.

Online Support and Resources

Strive is a free 21 day porn detox. Strive is where you can journey with Matt Fradd and brothers from around the world in the STRIVE online community. Experience powerful videos and challenges delivered daily to help you break free from pornography for good.
Is porn your pacifier? It's time you outgrow porn, become sexually mature and turn into Husband Material. Access to free podcasts, mini-courses and online community as well as affordable pricing for individual or small group coaching.
Live Free provides a community for men who struggle with porn and lust where they can find the support they need to live the life they were created to enjoy. The Live Free Community App provides exclusive content and offering practical teachings. Live Free also has small group coaching available.
Do you feel like you have tried everything and you are still stuck? Daring Ventures can help. With specialist addiction therapy, coaching, psychotherapy, and couple therapy.

Accountability Software

One of the most helpful steps you can take in recovering from sexual addictions is to install an accountability software system on all your devices.
Covenant Eyes is an accountability software app that can be downloaded on all your devices. It monitors your screen activity and provides protection through blocking explicit material.  
Accountable2You, is another excellent accountability software app. It allows you to live worry-free with transparency and integrity.

John Paul II Centre Support

For scholarships, pornography recovery books and other resources and support please contact us at the
John Paul II Centre for Life.
* In person small groups coming soon!