Support for Women

The John Paul II Centre is here to help support you on your journey to freedom from sexual addictions.

Sexual addictions can come in several different forms including chat rooms, pornography and masturbation. Sexual addiction is not a 'guys only' issue. There are many women out there who have been in the same place you are in now and have found healing and freedom from their addictions. You are not alone in this fight. We are here to walk with you and support you on your journey to freedom.

Online Support and Resources

Magdala exisits as a space where women can find hope, haling and freedom alongside each other from sexual addiction. Our goal is to supply you with support, communit and accountability. We hoast video chal small groups for you to experience deep, lasting community with women like you. On out blog and posdcast you will find testimonials, practical steps to recovery and dialouge about the beauty of womanhood.


Articles about every aspect of the battle against pornography, masturbation, sexual sin, an solid theology of the beauty of our female sexuality.


Listen to stories and perspectives on a range of related topics from women like you.

Small Groups

Want to find other women to share the journey with? We do it for you. Join a small, confidential video chat group with other women to find accountability, support and community. provides unique recovery resources to women and teen girls facing pornography and other unwanted sexual behaviors. These resources include daily virtual meetings, online community, recovery intensives, and special events. SheRecovery is a place where women can find fellowship and support from other women all across the world. also has a separate membership available for teen girls aged 12-17 who are facing porn, sex or love addiction. This virtual recovery group for teens is a safe, confidential space where teen girls can discover that they are not alone and that healing is possible. With weekly meetings with a certified coach, girls experience friendship, accountability, prayer and healing.
Do you feel like you have tried everything and you are still stuck? Whether you have a sexual addiction or are struggling with betrayal trauma, Daring Ventures can help. With specialist addiction therapy, coaching, psychotherapy, and couple therapy.

Accountability Software

One of the most helpful steps you can take in recovering from sexual addictions is to install an accountability software system on all your devices.
Covenant Eyes is an accountability software app that can be downloaded on all your devices. It monitors your screen activity and provides protection through blocking explicit material.  
Accountable2You, is another excellent accountability software app. It allows you to live worry-free with transparency and integrity.

For scholarships, pornography recovery books and other resources and support please contact us at the John Paul II Centre for Life.
* In person small groups coming soon!