Infertility Support

Infertility is a growing problem in New Zealand and many other Western countries. Approximately one in six couples have difficulty conceiving a child.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

Many couples, encouraged by the media and the medical profession, turn to the reproductive technology industry to help them realise their dream of a having a child of their own.

The Church wishes to support couples who are seeking to overcome infertility problems, but reminds us that in using some methods such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), couples do unintended harm to themselves and their children, to the dignity of the human person, and to marriage and family relationships.

Positive Alternatives to IVF

Many couples are fertile in a relative sense, rather than permanently infertile. There is some evidence that around 50% of couples who have tried unsuccessfully for a year or more will still conceive a child within 5 years. Learning about the women’s cycles can increase a couples’ natural fertility, and their chances of having their own child. 

For more information on positive alternatives, consider learning a natural fertility awareness method:

Saints Intercession

Couples longing for children are also encouraged to ask the intercession of the patron saints of pregnancy, St Gianna Molla and St Gerard Majella



Some information on this page comes from the Melbourne Archdiocese: Life, Marriage and Family website. Used with permission. 


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