About Us

The Christchurch John Paul II Centre for Life Charitable Trust is a Catholic organisation located in the Christchurch Diocese. First established in 2005 as the Family Life Centre, it was renamed “the John Paul II Centre for Life, Christchurch” the following year, under the patronage of Bishop John Cunneen and incorporated as a Charitable Trust in 2011 with Bishop Barry
Jones as principal signatory.


Through prayer, education and acts of service, we are endeavouring to build a culture which affirms life, marriage and family.


We hold a vison for a culture in which the dignity of human life, and each person’s right to life, is protected from conception until natural death. This culture will safeguard and promote marriage between one man and one woman, upholding the natural family as the foundation of social order.


Underpinning our services are values that are demonstrated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, as consistently handed down through the teaching of the Catholic Church. Our services are offered to the wider community. All people seeking help at the John Paul II Centre receive a respectful welcome regardless of their background, race or belief. All that we do is grounded in prayer, contributing to the sense of peace, healing and hope that people encounter daily at our Christchurch centre.

Governance and Management

Our Board of Trustees, under the direction of the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch, is responsible for governance of the John Paul II Centre for Life. A Director, appointed by the Board, oversees the daily operations of part time staff and volunteers.

“What is it that is about to be created that enjoys such honour? It is man – that great and wonderful living creature, more precious in the eyes of God than all other creatures! For him the heavens and the earth, the sea and all the rest of creation exist.” 

St John Chrysostom In Gen Sermo II